Batman Vs Superman Spoilers: 12 Things We Know Will Happen

9. "Superman" (Or Someone) Wrecks Gotham

Now, the leaked footage that showed Bruce Wayne dashing to the aid of a young girl (presumably because she's about to get squashed by whatever it is that she's so utterly transfixed by) isn't necessarily set in Gotham, but it makes sense that it could be. There are two possibilities here: either Luthor causes destruction to Batman's home city under the guise of Superman in order to compel him to finally go after the Kryptonian or this is the trigger that convinces Wayne that he's sided with the wrong allies. Other than helping out with the threat to the wider world, Batman would need an immediate threat to Gotham, and it would make sense that Superman would either cause inadvertently or be framed for serious damage as the Bat's inspiration. And the fact that Clark was in Gotham already seems to fit the idea. Of course there's also a chance that Bruce Wayne witnessed the devastation caused by Superman's battle with Zod first hand in Metropolis, and that the image above is from that retrospective sequence. But that doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a specific threat to Gotham (Batman is after all a very local sort of figure) that inspires his involvement.
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