BBC Ask Cillian Murphy If Scarecrow Is In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES...

... and he tells them he can't say! Several times! But still they kept asking!

... and he tells them he can't say! Several times! But still they kept asking. In what is a pretty embarrassing interview with the actor in studio to promote his upcoming sci-fi thriller In Time, BBC Radio 2's Simon Mayo and film critic Mark Kermode prod and prod and prod and prod away like petulant children trying to get Cillian Murphy to say anything about the rumours of Scarecrow returning in The Dark Knight Rises and despite telling them a dozen times he can't say anything, and looking completely uncomfortable in the situation, they really do keep on going. Of course in doing so, it's pretty obvious Murphy's silence means he is in the picture. If he can't say anything about it that basically means he has been told not to whereas if he wasn't in the film, he would just be able to say "no I'm not in it this time". Anyway here's the video of the interview. Try and watch without feeling awkward for poor Murphy; We reported several weeks ago that Murphy had been spotted on the set of The Dark Knight Rises and we speculated that he will come into the plot when Tom Hardy's Bane causes a prison riot, setting him free to terrorize Gotham once again. Previously; (all our The Dark Knight Rises articles are HERE) Will Cillian Murphy€™s Scarecrow Return in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set Photo€™s Of Anne Hathaway€™s Catwoman10 Things That Won€™t Happen In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES10 Things That WILL Happen in THE DARK KNIGHT RISESWatch THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Teaser Trailer Now In HD!
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