Big Hero 6: 6 Reasons It’s Better Than Frozen

5. Tadashi

Dead relatives are basically a must have in any Disney movie, and neither Big Hero 6 nor Frozen are any different. Frozen's opening number shows Anna and Elsa's parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle, lost at sea. In Big Hero 6, Tadashi and Hiro lost their parents when they were kids and live above a coffee shop with their slightly overbearing Aunt Cass. So that's out of the way early on... or is it? Unlike Elsa was to Anna, Tadashi is always there for his little brother by bailing him out of tough fights, coaxing him into going back to school and study robotics, and even introducing him to Baymax. He is basically the older brother everybody wants to have, which makes it all the more gut wrenching when he is suddenly killed in an explosion during a robotics expo at school. The grief completely consumes Hiro in a way that later on in the film causes him to do something that would have previously been unheard of in a Disney movie, adding to the darker undertones that Disney takes with this movie. Elsa couldn't be there for Anna at all, which was heartbreaking, but Tadashi was there for Hiro and was then ripped away from him which is in a way far more heartbreaking, which leads to a far better sibling dynamic than its predecessor.
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