Big Hero 6: 6 Reasons It’s Better Than Frozen

4. The Big Hero 6

One of the reasons that Frozen became the monumental success that it was is because a lot of viewers, especially young women, identified so well with the giddy and socially awkward Anna and the reclusive and anxious Elsa. The members of Big Hero 6 take that formula and multiply it by three to give every viewer, male and female, introverted and extroverted, happy and sad, someone to relate to. We obviously have Hiro, the troubled teen. But there's also Fred the hipster, Tadashi the responsible older brother, Honey Lemon the selfie obsessed geeky girl, GoGo the adrenaline junkie and Wasabi the obsessive compulsive voice of reason. And of course, there was Baymax the caregiver. This richly diverse character chemistry gives this Disney movie what a princess movie like Frozen lacks: universally relatable characters. Even if you don't relate to any particular character in the film, you know someone like them, which makes the film equally as enjoyable. If nothing else, this movie will go down in history as featuring Disney's first selfie.
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