Black Widow: 10 Major New Details Revealed About The Marvel Movie

9. Who Is Ray Winstone's Dreykov?

Black Widow Taskmaster

Ray Winstone has yet to show up in any marketing materials for Black Widow, so no, the image above isn't a first look at his mysterious Dreykov. However, the actor has shared some intriguing new details about what fans can expect from the villain in the 2021 release.

Asked who his character is, Winstone responded: "He's a guy who came out of old Russia after the breakdown of communism. He really wanted to change something and wanted to protect his nation. I think he was a man who started off with great intentions, but like most great men who are put into a situation, the greed and the power takes over."

He added, "The Black Widow program is his. The Widows are part of his team. They're his ninjas."

So, Dreykov is in charge of the Red Room, and likely a man Natasha Romanoff is all too familiar with after what she went through there as a young woman. She escaped, but the programme has clearly continued, and Winstone later teased that "Red Guardian is very loyal to Dreykov." Does that mean Natasha's apparent ally can't really be trusted?

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