Bond 24: 10 Reasons We Can't Get Enough Of Daniel Craig

The James Bond character has seen quite a few actors portray the British secret agent since the first film in 1962. Every one of the actors who has starred as the man known as 007 has given his own interpretation of the character while remaining faithful to what are the natural characteristics of Bond. Daniel Craig, the actor who has played James Bond in the last three films, has interpreted the character in a unique way. While incorporating the qualities that make Bond who he is in his performances, Craig also delivers a fresh take on the character. In Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, it is clear that Craig's Bond and the threats that oppose him are a modern representation of today's world. Here are 10 reasons why we can't get enough of Daniel Craig as James Bond...

10. His Charm


One of the qualities of James Bond throughout the 51 years of the character's film history has been his natural ability to captivate women and it is no different in Craig's turn as Bond. Craig interprets that specific trait of the character organically, specifically, in Casino Royale, as the beautiful but strong-willed Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green, is aware of Bond's appeal during their introduction to one another in the film. As the film progresses, Lynd and Bond develop a mutual attraction for one another and it is not often, if at all, that Bond is attracted to a woman and then wants to pursue a relationship with her. Due to his success in a high-stakes poker game to take down La Chiffre, he chooses to resign from MI6. While his return as 007 eventually transpires, it is interesting to watch the development of the relationship between Bond and Lynd and see that it is possible for Bond to perhaps have a life beyond womanising and the duties of being a secret agent.
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