Can You Guess Which Oscar These Movies Were Nominated For?

What single Oscar was Infinity War nominated for?

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The Academy Awards are the most prestigious movie awards show of the year, because no matter the debates about their decreasing relevance in a contemporary cinematic landscape, film buffs just can't help but become hopelessly invested year-in and year-out.

The joy of seeing a beloved movie nominated for countless Oscars is unmistakable, while the heartbreak of seeing an instant classic completely shut out speaks for itself.

But sometimes the Academy stops short of shunning a great movie entirely, and might throw them a bone in the form of a single, solitary Oscar nomination, as was the case with all of these 15 movies.

To be clear, not all of these films are bonafide classics - in fact, there's a Razzie winner or two in the mix to keep you on your toes - but they all managed to score just one Oscar nomination when it was all said and done.

Can you guess which Oscar they were nominated for from these four multiple choice possibilities? The answers are at the end as always, and good luck!

1. Batman Begins

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