Chris Pratt: 10 Roles That Passed You By

9. Jennifer's Body

After the success of her début film Juno, writer Diablo Cody's next offering wasn't quite what people would have expected. Jennifer's Body tells the tale of a popular high school cheerleader offered to the devil as a (believed to be) virginal sacrifice but, thanks to Chris Pratt's character of Roman Duda, instead comes back as a succubus on a killing spree. Becoming the envy of adolescent males everywhere long before Star-Lord came along, it was he who had taken the virginity of Megan Fox's Jennifer. As one of the characters that would see him pretty much typecast in immature roles, here he describes a city band as "faggos" because they're wearing eye-liner. Hardly the behaviour you would expect from an officer of the law, although he is just a cadet. In a film that's all about the high school experience Duda is life after graduation, representing what there is to look forward to (or look out for) after the social hierarchy ends, and the real world begins. A small role which came at the beginning of Pratt's career, but still an important one. He may only have a blink and you'll miss him appearance, but he expertly nails the image of the popular local boy who's just a big fish in a smalltown pond.
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