Community Cast: Where Are They Now?

8. Alison Brie

Community Cast

Alison Brie's Annie Edison stole the show on more occasions than can be remembered during Community's six season run. From her incredibly funny moments, to her more serious, emotional ones, Brie was clearly going far.

Before Community, Brie had a role in Mad Men, which kept going Community's run and even got referenced within the show. She also had a few small roles in films, but nothing major until Mad Men and Community.

During Community's run from 2009 to 2015 Brie took on a number of roles including Diane Nguyen in Bojack Horseman, Ruth Wilder in Glow, and a few one-off episodes in other shows.

With growing popularity, she has also appeared in a lot of feature films, both good and bad, since Community ended. In 2014 she lent her voice to the role of Unikitty in The Lego Movie, and then its' sequel in 2019. She also appeared in the Oscar-winning thriller, Promising Young Woman, and Happiest Season. Though acting isn't all she does, as she wrote and produced the psychological drama Horse Girl, as well as portraying Sarah in the picture.

Alison Brie has a lot going on and has a number of credits to her name, though it goes without saying that she'd return for a Community Movie if and when it eventually happens.

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