DC's Cyborg ISN'T Cancelled: Still Set For 2020 Release

Don't say it's cancelled just yet.

Justice League Cyborg Good
Warner Bros.

Despite all of the concerns about the DCEU, Warner Bros are thankfully ploughing on with their shared universe (why wouldn't they, it makes lots of money and delights a lot of fans). That includes expanding the slate with new additions like Black Adam and the Batmanverse titles as well as the initial plans - somewhat surprisingly still including the Cyborg stand-alone.

Some rumours had suggested that the stand-alone had been torpedoed in favour of him only appearing in The Flash, Ray Fisher has told fans that the original plans still remain in place.

He was appearing as a special guest at City Of Heroes, and confirmed that Cyborg is still slated for release in 2020, according to Twitter DC account DC World:

Some had suggested that the best option for Cyborg's solo outing would be a Teen Titans movie, but if he works as a component of Justice League, there's no reason at all why we shouldn't see a stand-alone. As long as the story is good and the effects live up to expectations, there's more than a few good stories to tell.

Are you excited to see the Cyborg stand-alone? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.

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