DC Or Marvel Quiz: Who Said It - Darkseid Or Thanos?

Battle of the world conquerors!

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Comic book battles have become a household term since superhero cinema exploded into the mainstream limelight of Hollywood and the ever-debated topic is Marvel Vs DC. Fans are always eager to see comic book battles so why not have one for the strongest villains out there.

Thanos is undeniably the most dreaded fan-favourite villain from the Marvel universe and inarguably, Darkseid is the most renowned and feared villain from the DC universe.

Both are clear counterparts, not in their basic equipment, but their personalities; are cursed with knowledge and hardcore will to conquer the world, making Thanos Vs Darkseid an even bigger debate leading to a lot of fan theories. But no one knows for sure who’ll emerge victorious. Maybe, it's the one who wants to control every being in the universe or the one who wants to eliminate half of the beings in the universe. But, certainly, you won’t find a worthy opponent for either one.

So, before we take these two iconic villains to the battlefield, let's test your knowledge on these infamous world conquerors and see if you can tell them apart from these quotes alone.

Answers at the end!

1. "I Am Many Things, But Here, I Am God."

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