Every 2016 Disney Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

It’s been a big year for Disney.

Doctor Strange Cumberbatch

Last year was a huge one for Disney with no less than thirteen movie releases throughout the course of 2016. Five of those movies rank amongst the top ten highest grossing films of the year, and three of them managed to rake in $1 billion plus profits at the box office. Financial success aside, a good majority of Disney flicks this year – barring a few stinkers – have been well received by critics too. If Walt Disney’s cryogenically frozen head still had his hands attached, he’d be rubbing them together with glee.

This year looks set to be just as successful for Disney with movies including the Emma Watson fronted live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, three Marvel films, Pixar’s new original movie Coco and, of course, Star Wars: Episode VIII all set for release. But before those movies are upon us, here’s the definitive ranking of all Disney’s 2016 releases from best to worst.

13. Alice Through The Looking Glass

Doctor Strange Cumberbatch

Rotten Tomatoes: 30%

Proving they’re more than willing to flog a dead horse, last year Disney released the follow-up to the rather middling effort that was Tim Burton’s 2010 critical flop Alice in Wonderland. But whereas its predecessor, despite all its faults, managed to rake in over $1 billion worldwide and even a couple of Oscar wins, Alice Through the Looking Glass flopped and flailed at the box office amid a wave of scathing reviews.

To give the movie its dues, it does boast impressive visuals and set design but that isn’t enough to make up for its unlikeable characters and muddled, disjointed plot that deviates almost entirely from Lewis Carroll’s source material. It’s one real saving grace? It’s the very last film to feature the velvet tones of the late, great Alan Rickman in his role as hookah pipe-smoking caterpillar Absolem.


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