Every Halloween Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

11. Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween Kills
Dimension Films

Plot: After murdering Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Michael Myers returns to his childhood home, which is now being used as the set of a reality TV show.

Yes, this is the one where Busta Rhymes karate kicks Michael Myers through a window and that alone should let you know what to expect here.

Halloween Resurrection is another 1/10 train-wreck for this franchise. It starts out by giving Laurie a monumentally unsatisfying death and somehow gets even worse from there, delivering an embarrassingly bad reality TV-themed horror that is astoundingly irritating as it is painfully unscary.

The editing and direction are awful, the dialogue is hideous, none of the characters are interesting, it hasn't got a semblance of logic or tension and perhaps worst of all, it concludes with one of the worst horror movie finales you'll ever see - a stupendously cringe-worthy fight scene between Busta Rhymes and Michael Myers.

Ironically it's also aged worse than any Halloween film, despite being one of the newer ones, since it feels so rooted in the early 2000s.

The film had a couple of interesting ideas and there is a good Peeping Tom-esque kill early on the film, so it's better than Curse of Michael Myers by a whisker. But even if it's avoided the bottom spot here, it's still one of the worst slasher films ever and oh boy is that saying something.


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