Every Hellraiser Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

8. Hellraiser: Inferno

Hellraiser I am In Hell
Dimension Films

With movie number five Inferno, Hellraiser was banished to the straight-to-DVD realm and the decline in quality was immediately evident.

Fun fact: the majority of the post-Bloodline instalments didn’t begin life as Hellraiser movies. Pinhead, the Lament Configuration and other series staples were shoehorned into existing Dimension-owned scripts afterwards - and in this case, it shows.

Inferno stars Craig Schaeffer as crooked cop Detective Joseph Thorne, a man who tinkers with Pinhead’s puzzle box and - spoiler alert - comes a cropper.

A few genuinely unsettling visual moments aside - like Joe’s eyeless mother attempting to murder him - Inferno is a two-bit TV movie with Hellraiser elements painted on as a lazy afterthought. Another one for the fire.

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