Every Spike Lee Movie Ranked Worst To Best

22. Girl 6 (1996)

Do The Right Thing
20th Century Fox

Another gender politics flop, Girl 6 casts the usually dependable Theresa Randle as a phone sex operator who's on a mission to make it as an actress. Stuck in a rut and hoping to find herself, she struggles with the complexities of her personal and professional lives.

The first film Lee directed without penning the script himself, Girl 6 watches like a half-baked wannabe dark dramedy, but offers audiences very little outside out a desire - just like the title character in an audition with Quentin Tarantino - to walk away and never come back.

The film meanders between tone with no succinct plan, the themes of empowerment and fame are embarrassingly mishandled, and the cameos from Tarantino, Madonna and Halle Berry are just jarring in their unnecessary randomness.


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