Every Transformers Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Bumblebee finally got it right.

Bumblebee Hailee Steinfeld

The seventh Transformers movie to date, Bumblebee, has just begun its international rollout, and you know what? It's pretty damn great, even winning over critics and scoring the first critically fresh entry into the franchise.

Indeed, it's fair to say that Transformers has been a mixed bag at the movies, starting with 1986's animated cult classic, before Michael Bay's five-film live-action franchise kicked off in 2007.

Bay's films have been routinely torn apart by critics, and rightly so, though it's worth bearing in mind that at least two of them dare to be somewhat decent. As for the others? Yikes.

If early box office tracking is to be believed, Bumblebee just might rejuvenate the franchise after The Last Knight was a commercial disappointment (yet still proved immensely profitable).

Either way, with over $4 billion in box office revenue, it's likely fans won't have to wait too long for yet another go-around.

Until, then, though, here's a stock-take of all seven Transformers movies released to date...

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