EVERY X-Men Movie & TV Show Ranked Worst To Best

The highs, lows and everything in between...


The X-men franchise has had its ups and downs over the past few decades.

From astonishing films and television shows to some not so astonishing adaptations. There are always some compromises studios must make when translating a comic book series over fifty years in the making. With countless stories and events to choose from it can often be overwhelming to pick a favourite.

There was a time where the X-Men were the biggest comic book brand in Hollywood, preceding both Spider-Man and any of the Avengers storylines

The fate of the X-Men had been in the air for years both on-screen and off with Fox and Disney squabbling over the rights. Several mass extinction arcs rendered the X-Men all but forgotten in the comics with Marvel shifting focus onto the Inhumans. This back and forth forced Fox's hand to continue to crank out X-Men movies or risk losing the contract entirely, similar to their treatment of the Fantastic 4.

However, for better or worse, the X-Men are back under the Disney-Marvel banner with fresh content already in the works. Looking back at the existing TV shows and movies, we'll be ranking each one from worst to best.

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