EVERY X-Men Movie & TV Show Ranked Worst To Best

18. Honorable Mention - X-Men: Pryde Of The X-Men

Marvel Productions

X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men unfortunately never made it past the pilot episode.

The show used incredibly comic accurate depictions of the characters and was potentially going to link to other Marvel properties at the time. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends had a brief cameo of the X-Men several years prior to the Pryde of the X-Men's intended release.

Instead, the show was largely repurposed for an arcade game similar to classic beat 'em ups. Along with featuring all of the classic characters, Pryde of the X-men also featured relatively unknown characters at the time such as Dazzler and the White Queen aka Emma Frost

The pilot showed a lot of promise and was even narrated by Marvel legend himself, Stan Lee.

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