Every X-Men Movie Villain Ranked Worst To Best

The best and worst bad guys to face Professor X's mutants...

X-Men Villains

When New Mutants eventually makes it to the big screen - assuming it even does - the era of Fox's Marvel movies will finally be completely over. In reality, that film will probably be completely retooled so that it sits apart from the pre-existing X-Men timeline, though, so we can pretty confidently say that the First Age of the X-Men movies is done.

With that in mind, it's worth looking back and remembering some of the good times and try and push Dark Phoenix out of all of our minds as best as possible. And when you think back, the stories were mostly great, some of the characters and performances were exceptional and there was always a good commitment to the great moral dance of good versus evil. It helped, in that last respect, that they could call on some brilliant, imaginative villains from the comics.

But which is best? Which of the bad guys in the X-Men franchise really left a mark and which should join Dark Phoenix on the eternal scrapheap?

First, a qualification - Cable is not a villain. He's just misunderstood. Same goes for Julian Dennison's Firefist. There's too much nuance in the story to make them outright villains.

27. "The Deadpool"

wolverine origins deadpool

Appeared In: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

If you were looking to be particularly charitable, you could try and say that the mangled monstrosity that appears in Wolverine's first stand-alone movie is not actually Deadpool. He is referred to as "the Deadpool," but his real name is Weapon XI if you want to be technical.

But then again, his terribleness - which almost feels like a conscious defiance of the character from the comics and his popularity - also feels a bit like it makes Ryan Reynolds' subsequent appearances as Deadpool even better. The dark to define the light, as it were.

Thank God they didn't stop at this abomination, eh?

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