Everything You Always Hated In X-Men

14. Rogue's TERRIBLE Southern Accent

X Men Cyclops Yellow Spandex

Look, nobody wants to bag on a young actress trying to make it in Hollywood, but in the case of Anna Paquin she already had an Oscar to her name for her performance in The Piano many years earlier.

And so, it doesn't seem unfair to expect better from her where her southern accent for Rogue is concerned - which, to be blunt, is atrocious.

From the moment we hear Rogue speak it sounds like a highly affected attempt at a southern twang, but the worst part is that it's wildly inconsistent throughout the film, ramping up and fading away between scenes.

The decision was evidently made to phase Rogue's accent out for the sequels, yet ironically when Paquin later starred in the HBO vampire series True Blood, her southern accent was considerably more convincing. She put in the work, clearly.


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