Film Theory: New Bond Villain Is SECRETLY Dr No

5. The CIA's Involvement

No Time To Die Felix

Then of course there's the return of Jeffrey Wright's Felix Leiter, who might not have appeared in the Dr No novel (he was no longer working for the CIA after his second outing that almost cost him his life), but he was a big part of the movie.

It's Felix - who it's revealed is on the same mission as Bond to find the missing agent - who helps Bond follow the trail to Jamaica, after all, when the CIA trace nefarious radio jamming signals to the island, which MI6 is linked to the disappearance of their agent.

This being a key CIA joint operation with MI6 - a big difference to Skyfall and Spectre - is a conscious choice and having Felix appealing to Bond to help him on a mission linked to Bond's location in Jamaica can't be a coincidence. It very much feels like they want us to think about Dr No.

But what about the villain himself...?


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