Green Lantern Corps Movie: Everything You Need To Know

7. A Comic Book Movie Legend Is Writing It

Green Lantern Corps
Jim Spellman/Wire Image

David S. Goyer is the man tasked with delivering this script (in collaboration with superhero newcomer Justin Rhodes), which will be music to the ears of some comic book movie fans and a seriously scary prospect to others. Goyer has one of Hollywood most divisive track records; his appointment could bode well or woefully for Green Lantern Corps.

On the positive side, Goyer co-wrote Batman Begins and got a story credit on The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. He also wrote Blade and Man Of Steel, and produced the Constantine TV series, all of which have their staunch supporters.

But Goyer's last superhero credit earned an awful lot of hate: he co-wrote Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The less said about that the better!


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