Guardians Of The Galaxy: 10 Glaring Flaws Everybody Just Ignored

9. The Plot Is Endlessly Shambolic

There are some people who will probably defend the shambolic nature of Guardians of the Galaxy's plot on account of the fact that "the Guardians themselves are shambolic, so it makes sense." Though there's something of a valid point hidden away in the depths of that opinion, we doubt that the screenwriters behind said picture purposely set out to render a plot that was plainly confusing, convoluted and frequently dumb. Forgive these words, but there isn't a whole lot separating the plot inherent to this movie and the plots you've glimpsed in any given Michael Bay Transformers yarn. Seriously. What all these flicks have in common is that they get too invested in trying to render a plot that feels complicated and epic, but this almost always results in a story that's impossible to recall; you can't remember "what" actually happened.

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