Harry Potter: The Progressively Harder Hermione Granger Quiz

If you're as smart as Hermione Granger, you should be able to ace this quiz...

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Hermione Granger is arguably the most developed character in the entire Potterverse – which is really saying something given how many great characters there are.

Though the central trio are all fantastic, Harry and Ron don’t evolve that much over the course of the series. Hermione, meanwhile, has a fascinating arc. Even in The Philosopher’s Stone, she transforms from a bossy know-it-all into a valuable companion.

As the series goes on, Hermione maintains her wise mindset but becomes much more relaxed. This is particularly noticeable in The Prisoner of Azkaban when she walks out of Divination and loses her temper before Buckbeak’s execution.

Her relationship with Viktor Krum and her role in the founding of the D.A. are also key moments. And from a practical perspective, Harry and Ron would have been doomed without Hermione.

For this quiz, you’ll need to know a lot about this inspirational witch if you want to get 100%. Knowledge of the films will only get you so far – you’ll also need to know some book-only details too.

So, how much do you REALLY know about Hermione Granger?

Answers at the end!

1. Where Does Hermione Meet Harry And Ron?


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