Harry Potter: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Severus Snape Quiz

Are you a true expert on the most divisive character in the Harry Potter series?

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Severus Snape is a strong contender for the best Harry Potter character. He’s such a complex individual that fans are still debating whether he’s a hero or a villain.

There’s no denying Snape could be villainous at times. He had an unprofessional bias towards his own house and he delighted in taking points from Gryffindor. To make matters worse, he frequently bullied certain students during his classes. Indeed, Neville regularly went to pieces during Potions because he was so terrified.

Those who defend Snape, however, often point to his unwavering loyalty. Motivated by his love for Lily, Snape worked as a spy for Dumbledore and protected Harry throughout the series. And given he was the one who informed Voldemort about the prophecy, he was constantly grappling with guilt as well as loss. Snape’s partnership with Dumbledore wasn’t just about making sure Lily hadn’t died in vain, it was also a personal journey of redemption.

Of course, there are plenty of other outstanding characters in the Harry Potter series, but very few – if any – are as fascinating as Severus Snape.

How much can you remember about the Potions Master?

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1. What Is Snape’s Patronus?


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