Hellboy Reboot: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

9. Neil Marshall Is A Perfect Fit

Neil Marshall Game Of Thrones

Neil Marshall might not have as high a profile as del Toro, but his CV illustrates he's more than up for the job of bringing Hellboy to the big screen.

Dog Soldiers, The Descent and multiple critically acclaimed episodes of Game of Thrones are a testament to that, and given what we know of the film so far, it would appear as though the director has taken to the material with ease. Better still, The Descent proves that he's a perfect fit for the character, certainly in translating the series' horror elements.

Then there's his work on GOT, which obviously proves he can get those fantasy elements down to a T. The episodes he directed are also regarded as being among the very best to have featured on the show, which, when you consider how big a phenomenon it is, is a pretty spectacular feat.

Marshall may not have lent his name to many works, but the few that he's helmed thoroughly intimate just what a great pick he is for the franchise.

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