Home Alone 1 And 2: 20 Easter Eggs, References & In-Jokes

Bet you didn't know Elvis made a cameo.

Home Alone has been a staple of the Christmas schedule for well over two decades (feel old yet?) and despite numerous sequels and imitators, none have come close to recapturing that winning mix of sweetness and nasty violence. What more could you want during the festive period? Home Alone 2 isn't quite as beloved and is basically a beat for beat rehash of the original, just with nastier violence, but still, odds are if it plays on TV people will still get sucked into it. There are rumours other sequels were made, but the world made a united pact to forget about them. The cult of the two movies is still going strong, with Macaulay Culkin and Daniel Stern recently reprising their roles for online videos that quickly went viral. It seems like there€™s not much more to be said about the films, but there are still lots of obscure easter eggs or in-jokes buried in them that even hardcore fans may not know. Links to other movies, subtle foreshadowing and even a half-decent explanation for how the family forgot about Kevin are some of the nuggets waiting to be uncovered.

20. Elvis May (But Probably Doesn't) Have A Cameo

Searching the net for proof that Elvis is alive is the first step to insanity, because the amount of theories and €œproof€ is truly maddening stuff. One such iron-clad piece of evidence The King is alive and well comes €“ strangely enough €“ from a scene in Home Alone. When Kevin€™s mother is at an airport trying desperately to get a flight back home, there's a bearded man standing behind her that looks a little familiar. That€™s because, according to the theory, that€™s Elvis Aaron Presley himself. How and why the singer €“ who would have been 55 at the time of production - came to be an extra on the set of a family comedy we don€™t know; maybe he just needed the work? To be fair, the chap in question does have a resemblance to the late singer, but the odds of it actually being Elvis are fairly slim.

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