Independence Day: 10 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice

4. Dr. Okun

Independence Day Dr Brackish Okun 620th Century FoxHere's a little easter egg of sorts concerning the character of Dr. Okun, who was named after visual effects supervisor Jeffrey A. Okun, who worked on Stargate alongside the likes of director Roland Emmerich. Dr. Okun is played by actor Brent Spiner in the movie, you'll recall. What's more interesting about this, however, is the fact that Dr. Okun wasn't just named after the real Jeffrey A. Okun - Brett Spiner was made to look like the real life Okun in the actual film, too. Not just that, but Spiner is actually reported to be channelling the real life Okun for his performance, complete with mannerisms and everything. This is a fairly cool easter egg, then, given that only people associated with the movie were ever likely to draw comparisons between a crazy doctor character and a real life visual effects supervisor. As you can see by the comparison photographs, the resemblance between the two is pretty uncanny. How, uh... flattering?

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