IT: Chapter Two Is Coming In 2019

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Good news, everyone - the IT sequel that you already knew was definitely happening now has a release date.

According to THR, IT: Chapter Two will be released in the same September window its predecessor came out in, in a couple of years. It will arrive in cinemas, telling the second part of Stephen King's seminal story on 6th September 2019.

It's not particularly surprising, given that the first part has made so much money and been so critically lauded. It's currently headed towards $500m at the global box office, has become the highest grossing R-Rated horror of all time and has become a meme in its own right. That's the truest mark of success in 2017.


It might feel like a long time away, but 2018 is so packed with major releases that it's probably not a bad thing for Chapter Two to wait. And it means we won't have to suffer a rushed product cynically designed to maximise on financial impact over quality.

We already know that Andres Muschietti is in talks to direct (and he should be confirmed soon), while Gary Dauberman is writing, and there have been hints that we'll see more flashbacks - allowing for the return of the excellent young cast - and more exploration of the weirder stuff in King's book.


And we can probably also expect it to cost more. The director deserves more money, the young cast will also (especially as they'll no doubt get more work off the back of it), and there's the small matter of their adult counterparts to cast too. Plus, talking inter-dimensional turtles cost a lot of money.

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