James Bond: Ranking The Theme Songs From Worst To Best

21. All Time High (From "Octopussy") - Rita Coolidge

OctopussyDescription: Next to spouting random nonsense about Sigmund Freud, the next biggest sin in James Bond song history is being a boring James Bond Song. All Time High has to be the most boring, awkward ballad performed for a Bond film, thanks to no small feat on the part of Rita Coolidge's rather bland vocals. It's as if it was going to hurt her to extend her vocal range and sound as if she were singing, rather than just reciting lyrics to a pre-ordained pitch and beat. This song is the aural equivalent of Roger Moore in the shower at the end of A View to a Kill. Bonus points of awkward go to Mark Wahlberg's "special" rendition in Ted, and I recommend to the counsel that this recording be banned throughout the galaxy. Choice Lyrics: "I don't want to waste a waking moment, I don't want to sleep; I'm in so strong and so deep, and so are you." We know that 007 is a natural ladies man, but do we really have to push the needle on the innuendo meter to 11?
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