Joker Origin Movie Adds Glow's Marc Maron

But in what role?

GLOW Marc Maron

No one may have a clue what Warner Bros.' plans are for their DC comic book movies, but the Joker Origin Movie continues to move ahead regardless. The film, which will be directed by The Hangover's Todd Philips and will feature Joaquin Phoenix as the eponymous Clown Prince, is said to be partially inspired by The Killing Joke and will apparently be set in the eighties too.

Apart from Phoenix's casting in the role and Phillips involvement, not much else is known about the film. Robert DeNiro is said to be involved as a television host of sorts, and now Variety are reporting that Marc Maron - himself no stranger to the eighties, having starred in both seasons of Netflix's Glow - is set to join the project as the agent of DeNiro's character.

Their sources also state that Maron will have a hand in destabilising Phoenix's character (the Bat-villain had numerous aliases pre-his fall into ACE Chemicals), thereby sending him on the path to becoming the Joker, although in what way is still unclear. Given what was established in The Killing Joke however, it's likely to involve the character's failed attempts at hitting the big time as a stand-up comedian.

The report also stresses that the film's development will in no way impact Jared Leto's version of the character, which is purportedly set in a different continuity and will even have his own spin-off film as well, to go alongside the fifty-or-so Warner Bros. have green lit over the past year.

The Joker Origin Movie is set to release October 4 2019. Please let us know what you think of Maron's casting down in the comments below!

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