Jurassic World: 10 Things That Need To Happen In The Sequel

Jurassic World 2 really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Expectations were high for Jurassic World. Meteorites of fan boy rage would have descended on the producers had they failed to make a good movie this time around. While not a bona fide classic, the result was a proper summer blockbuster with plenty of spills and thrills to get viewers munching through their popcorn. What's more, the film achieved the highest grossing weekend in the history of cinema. Over $500m in just two days. With figures like that, it's impossible to imagine a sequel not rearing its head in the near future but how could studio make it a success as opposed to another cynical cash-grab? The Lost World and Jurassic Park III were both missteps which veered a little too far from what made the original such a monstrous success. They forgot the importance of character, fooling themselves that a few cobbled-together action sequences with a dinosaur or two thrown in would make a good film. Ultimately they made plenty of money, but at the expense of the original's heart. Jurassic World began to repair those wrongs. Chris Pratt produced a character worthy of sitting alongside Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant, while a sense of wonder and respect for the creatures in the film was present again at last. That's not to say improvements cannot be made though. Here are 10 things fans would love to see from the inevitable Jurassic World sequel.

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