Jurassic World: 10 Things That Would Have Happened Afterwards

Media frenzies, conspiracy theories, and a lengthy prison sentence.

So, Jurassic World happened. After over a year of anticipation and expectation, the park finally opened to a public who were almost as ravenous as the creatures within. The reception, both critically and emotionally, has been fairly positive after the filmmakers managed to strike a nice balance between exploiting the nostalgia and moving things on.

But now the events of the film are logged in the annals, with the fallout a cause merely for speculation. What's to become of the characters we all invested those two hours in? What will happened to the park's (un)natural inhabitants? Did Claire ever change into some more suitable footwear? All these questions need answered at some point, and news on a sequel is probably now a matter of when instead of if.

Jurassic World 2 will likely pick the story up some years later, but given the sheer scale of the disaster that befell one of the most publicly visible places on earth, there are more immediate repercussions that are just as entertaining. After all, this is 2015, and almost nothing happens in the news without all the usual boxes being ticked. The press will have a field day, the public will lose its collective mind and, no doubt, someone's going to say something bad on the internet. That's before you even consider all the shameless cash-in opportunities it presents.

Combining what's known of the Jurassic Cinematic Universe, with what's painfully obvious about everything else, let's delve into the realms of fantasy for a few moments to see what would have happened next...

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