Jurassic World: 10 Things That Would Have Happened Afterwards

10. The Newspaper Headlines

Jurassic World was, despite the suggestions of dwindling interest and visitor numbers, still one of the most newsworthy places on the face of the planet. There is only so apathetic the human race could possibly get about a holiday resort that contained dinosaurs. Couple that to the fact the park had risen from the ashes of a previously abortive attempt and was being run by a company who'd accidentally unleashed a T-Rex in San Diego some years previous, and you understand the microscope it would have been under at the best of times.

A genetically engineered dinosaur breaking free of captivity and eating people would be front page news across the world. Like all unifying news agendas, the public will learn everything about a particular publication and its readership from the front page alone. The more discerning outlets will look at the wider issues - genetic manipulation, the cost of life, god complexes, the power of nature - while the tabloids will try and squeeze as much gore and tits as they can into an 8 page spread.

Oh, and there'll definitely be at least one newspaper that goes with "Isla Nublar Refugee Crisis To Hit Jobs And Benefits".

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