London Film Festival Day 1: A United Kingdom, The Red Turtle & More

3. Indivisible

A United Kingdom Rosamund Pike David Oyelowo
True Colours

A compelling glimpse into the challenges faced by two conjoined twin sisters (Angela and Marianna Fontana, in their acting debuts) when they discover they can be separated, Indivisible avoids melodramatic cliches as it explores the psychological implications of the potential separation, as well as the effect this has on their wider family unit, specifically their father.

The Fontana twins are remarkable here, no doubt digging deep into their own personal well to put something approaching their own experience on the screen, keeping the pic effortlessly intriguing even during its more lethargic mid-film moments. Edoardo De Angelis' direction is sensitive and deftly conveys the inevitable heartbreak of the central outcome, no matter which way it ends up.

Rating: A unique drama with a fascinating quandary at its core. Trimming a few scenes half-way would've made it feel like less of a drag at times, but with such strong performances and solid work behind the camera, it's still worth your time. 6/10


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