Man Of Steel: 10 Easter Eggs That Were Secretly Foreshadowing

9. LexCorp Building And Truck - Batman V Superman

Another Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice tease from Man Of Steel was the recurring appearance of the LexCorp logo. It was on a building narrowly missed in the final fight, an oil truck that Superman punted at Zod, and a different truck that gave Clark Kent a lift back to his mum€™s house at the end of the movie. (I guess he couldn€™t be bothered to fly€ levelling a city really takes it out of you.) This was secretly foreshadowing the fact that Lex Luthor will be front and centre in the next film. Judging by those Turkish Airlines trailers, he€™s made a €˜significant contribution€™ of cash to rebuild Metropolis after Superman and Zod€™s highly destructive bout. This could see Lex in a position of public adoration, allowing him to operate his evil projects in a clandestine way while publicly being heralded as something of a hero. Like Bruce Wayne, Lex has also had the idea to bring down Superman, and will experiment on Zod as part of this villainous venture. Little did Superman know, but while he was saving the world from Zod, he was actually drawing the attention of two very powerful people. And not in a good way.
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