MCU: 11 Characters Who Should Return Through The Multiverse

10. Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone)

x-men first class magneto

While The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was an overall failure for Sony Pictures, it did have many highlights and great moments. One of these high points of the franchise was the casting of Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, with the character appearing prominently across the two films.

Stone's chemistry with co-star Andrew Garfield was unquestionable, as the character shone as a strong lead in both films before her tragic demise during a battle with Green Goblin. While bringing back this version of the character would be interesting, having Stone play another version of Stacy would be even better.

Marvel should go full Spider-Verse and allow Stone to sink her teeth into the role of Ghost Spider (otherwise known as Spider Gwen). Ghost Spider has become a very popular character in her own right, as this version sees the Gwen Stacy of another universe receive the famous spider powers.

This would allow Stone to shine in the role of a superhero rather than a romantic interest, and provide spin-off potential for both Marvel and Sony.


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