MCU: 8 Hilariously Underrated Comedic Moments

Earth's Mightiest Heroes are not without their moments of levity.

Marvel Studios

With the release of Iron Man all the way back in 2008, the world was introduced to all things Tony Stark.

The opening scene immediately showcased just what sort of character Stark was. Amidst the backdrop of a war-torn Afghanistan, Stark banters with American soldiers via multiple, wisecracking remarks, along with subtle, comedic jabs. The group's convoy would see its lightheartedness come to a swift end, as they were immediately attacked by the Ten Rings terrorist group, setting the events of the film into motion.

The MCU is revered for its realistic take on multiple Marvel Comics properties, which have culminated in box office dominance with virtually every film in the ongoing franchise. Full of action, romance, and thrilling storytelling, each film has its feature characters shine in their respective narratives. One other area of most MCU films that is prominently shown on-screen is its comedy, some of which can be downright side-splitting. The Guardians of the Galaxy series is evocative of just how seamless these hysterical moments can be intertwined with a more serious plot.

Whether these characters are prominently featured, or are supporting personalities, comedy is sure to be found in almost every MCU film. There may be more obvious, comedic interactions between the various players in each film, but there are just as many elements that are just as hilarious, if not more...


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