Michael Bay – Ranking His Films From Worst To Best

Get ready for total Bayhem!

There is no other filmmaker on Earth who divides opinion quite like Michael Bay. Some audiences adore his slick, overblown style of filmmaking whilst others think he is the devil incarnate, here to destroy the language of cinema itself. There is little to no middle ground between these two opinions, and there€™s plenty of evidence to support both. He€™s been frequently criticised for using female characters as little more than eye candy, for his lax attitude to character development or story and his reliance on explosions and special effects. However, even Bay€™s harshest critics have to admit the man has an unmistakable cinematic style and €“ whether they like it or not €“ his work has been hugely influential on a whole generation of filmmakers. After all, there's a reason his films have earned over $5 billion worldwide. Not a bad legacy for a guy who started his career directing this music video for Donny Osmond. Bay€™s new movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi €“ which is based on a true story - is released this weekend, making it the perfect time to look back over his filmography and see what films hold up well €“ and see which of the Transformers sequels can be labeled the worst. Hold on tight folks; s**t's about to get real.

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