Michael Cera: 5 Impressive Film Performances

5. Nick O'Leary - Nick and Norah€™s Infinite Playlist (2008)

nick and norah In typical fashion, Cera plays the role of Nick O€™ Leary, A Heartbroken teenager who is a bass player in a band called The Jerk Offs, while struggling with the recent break up with his girlfriend. One night when his band is playing at a gig, he encounters Norah (Kat Dennings) who asks Nick to pretend to be her boyfriend for five minutes. The film takes place in the span of an eventful night when the couple seek for Norah€™s drunken best friend and their favourite band€™s secretive show, while being accompanied perfectly with a sublime indie soundtrack. The entry also makes the list for another important reason, and this reason makes other appearances further on in this article. The chemistry between Cera and Dennings is palpable and beautifully executed. Many films today while boasting film couple romances fail on the principle of not working or being too un-convincing, and this can be a fault for many reasons. That said, a majority of favourite and beloved films achieve this, but it takes precision and ability. This film is a rare gem which I mistakenly stumbled upon. If you haven€™t viewed it, do so. You€™ll appreciate it.

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