New Trailer: CARS 2, Still Preaching To The Converted

I'm still not buying it. Pixar and talking cars? Nope. Not having it. The premise has always sounded so uninspired, so unoriginal, so mediocre of the brand name, so... DreamWorks. I wouldn't want anything to spoil my Messianic vision of Pixar, now, would I? Thus I am a Cars virgin; didn't see the first one, and judging from these trailers, I am unlikely to see the second. Michael Caine's in it, which is a good start. But then the trailer starts veering giddily into sequences that are neither funny nor imaginative. Toilet humour? Check. Mentally-challenged nuisance of a sidekick? Check. Plot involving unwitting and unprepared protagonists becoming secret agents? Double check. It all seems like a CG adaptation of Budgie the Little Helicopter. It's just not for me. Ah well. At least this Pixar animation is unlikely to leave children exiting the cinema crying and questioning their mortality. Cars 2 opens in the U.S. on June 24th but not until July 22nd in the U.K.

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