Oscar 2014 Nominations: 9 Big Surprises (And 1 We Should Have Seen Coming)

9. Only Nine Best Picture Nominees?

Although 2013 brought with it a lot of tat that clogged multiplexes week after week, when it came to Oscar-worthy films few other years compare. Not since the number of potential nominees was upped to ten has there been a range of Best Picture hopefuls where not one film feels like a tag on. It€™s so good in fact, films that would be in with winning the big prize in other years didn€™t even make the cut. Among other films mentioned later on this list, Mud, Blue Jasmine and Before Midnight (among others) all could have had a legitimate chance at the prize. And so it€™s incredibly frustrating to see the Academy hasn't filled all ten slots. When it became clear not every year brings with it ten hopefuls worthy of Best Picture the rules were tweaked; there can be between five and ten nominees, rather than a set number. That decision, however, was made for years like 2011 (where Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close still got nominated), not the standout year we€™ve just had. Out of all the surprises, this is the most unforgivable; why wasn€™t it deemed acceptable for another film to get some much deserved glory?

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