Oscars 2019: 16 WTF Moments

Well, that was awkward.

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And that's a wrap on Oscar season. The Academy Awards is done for another year, and despite the surprisingly smooth running of the show, it's tough to deny it was a hugely divisive year for the Academy and their often baffling tastes.

This year's more streamlined, awards-focused approach did result in less of the embarrassing "comedy" skits that generally typify the Oscars, but the ceremony still didn't leave viewers wanting for bizarre, hilarious and simply weird moments.

It's a Hollywood awards show where celebrities are plied with alcohol, so it's only inevitable that some Drama-with-a-capital-D takes place, not to mention some left-field calls from the ceremony's producers, and a number of memorable speeches ranging from atrocious to unexpectedly funny.

As much as the Academy wants the Oscars to be taken ultra-seriously as the final barometer for quality cinema, it's ultimately a wild circus that underlines just how eccentric an industry Hollywood truly is.

If you want to save three-plus hours of your life, though, here are the cliff notes for every eyebrow-raising moment from the 91st Academy Awards...

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