Predicting The Rotten Tomatoes Scores Of 2019's Remaining Blockbusters

Despite the hate, Cats might end up clawing its way to a decent rating...

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Even though 2019 has, for the most part, been littered with predictable success stories that everyone saw coming, there have still been a handful of surprises peppered here and there that few people could have anticipated.

When its first trailer dropped, nobody thought that Aladdin would go on to gross over a billion dollars, let alone earn the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of Disney's three live-action remakes. Conversely, everybody expected The Lion King to be a magnet for positive reviews, and yet, it was branded with the ugly green splat of a rotten tomato.

As these movies proved, there's always room for a few surprises in among all the safe bets, and looking ahead to the final few months of the year, there are definitely going to be examples of each.

From Maleficent to Terminator and Cats to Star Wars, it's set to be a stacked winter period on the blockbuster front, and even though it's impossible to tell how good these movies will turn out, we can - based on all the footage and information we have about them so far - take an educated guess at their likely critic scores.


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