Quentin Tarantino: Definitive Guide To Homages, Influences And References

Kill Bill Vol 1

9. Another Battle

Tarantino uses the theme "Battle Without Honor & Humanity" from the 2000 Japanese film Another Battle - which was composed by Tomoyasu Hotei - for the scenes where O-Ren's army escort her into the House of Blue Leaves and the Bride arrives on her motorcycle. This theme has become highly recognizable as a result of its inclusion, though it was basically unknown to Western audiences before Tarantino used it in this picture.

8. Carrie's Split Screens

Quentin Tarantino was likely inspired to use split-screen techniques in this movie by the works of Brian De Palma, particuarly Carrie. Brian De Palma is one of Tarantino's favourite filmmakers.

7. The Kill List

The Bride's Death List Five is a homage to the similar-looking list that Franco Nero uses in Sergio Corrbuci's spaghetti western The Mercenary. Both Nero and The Bride's handwriting is very similar, as is the fact the list is comprised of five points, and the way that handwriting gets bigger as list goes on. Nero, like The Bride, also crosses off his objectives when they're done.


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