Quiz: Can You Identify The Actor's Real Name?

They were good changes.

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It's no secret that many of Hollywood's most famous actors aren't quite who you think they are, their marquee names being a total and utter fabrication.

Typically these new names are either created by an agent who didn't care for their given name, or changed from their birth name because another actor had already registered it with the Screen Actors Guild.

Whatever the reason, though, these popular performers ditched the name their parents gave them and adopted a more stylish and easily-read name that's now synonymous with their face worldwide.

But using some good 'ol deductive reasoning and a healthy sprinkle of luck, can you figure out which of these four names these 15 actors entered the world with?

The answers won't be easy, because often the new names are drastically different from the actor's birth moniker, and so some cheeky guesswork will be required to make it through to the end.

Just how well do you know these actors, and how much of that gossip mag trivia has actually been retained in your brain? As ever the results are at the end, so good luck!...

Answers at the end!

1. Vin Diesel

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