Ranking Bad Robot Movies From Worst To Best

How does 10 Cloverfield Lane compare to the original?

Most people know Bad Robot for its iconic jingle, which plays whenever its production logo appears on screen as a couple of children shout: "Bad robot!" (or at least they did until it became super serious). It's not surprising to learn that the kids who recorded the line are those to writer/director J.J. Abrams, the modern day Steven Spielberg who heads up the company - first founded back in 1998 - and has been directly responsible for creating, financing and producing some of the most recognisable TV shows and motion pictures of recent times. Though Abrams' company originally started out making TV shows like Alias, Lost and Fringe, it soon moved into film where its ventures became renowned for the director's mysterious approach to marketing them - a trait that has remained consistent over the years, in projects as diverse as a found footage monster movie to a side swipe at the news industry. Yup, Bad Robot has made a name for itself as a company that thrives on misdirection - even the building where Bad Robot is housed in Santa Monica has it signposted as the "National Typewriter Company." As a filmmaking force, it's allowed Abrams to become a major influence on modern cinema, now considered one of Hollywood's hottest players. To celebrate the recent release of Bad Robot's latest flick, 10 Cloverfield Lane, here is a definitive ranking of the production company's films to date, worst to best, starting with...

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