Ranking Jean-Claude Van Damme's Boss Fights

14. Timecop

Van Damme's Role: Max Walker, a police offer who regulates time travel, senses something amiss at his agency, the Time Enforcement Commission, and resolves to get to the bottom of it by kicking people into another dimension.

The Bad Guy: While there are technically two main villains, that's probably more of a detriment than a boost. McComb (Ron Silver) proves that sometimes even Jean-Claude Van Damme's biggest foe is just an underhanded politician.

The Fight in a Nutshell: It's not really a fight, per se, but he is the "big boss" and Van Damme literally kicks him into another dimension! Yeah, that line from earlier was no joke. That happened. The resulting CGI flesh-melting is the only thing keeping it on the list, though.


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