Ranking Jean-Claude Van Damme's Boss Fights

13. Cyborg

Van Damme's Role: Gibson Rickenbacker, a fighter-for-hire in a plague-affected wasteland who must deliver the cure for the spreading virus to Atlanta, while simultaneously stopping a murderous group of pirates led by Fender Tremelo.

The Bad Guy: Vincent Klyn, who plays Tremelo (the dumbest name in the history of movie villains), was a pro surfer and male model before becoming an actor. His surf skills clearly don't translate to all-around athleticism, as his fighting style can generously be described as "what happens when a catfish tries to open a car door." He's supposed to be scary because of his gray contact lenses, strained neck veins, and weird "This poop is taking too long" growls. It doesn't work.

The Fight in a Nutshell: This is basically a fight of male models in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. And while that may sound entertaining to some, those people would be better served watching Zoolander. The only positive thing about Cyborg's end fight is that it likely inspired one of the later entries on this list.


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