Ranking What Was Really The Best Film Of Every Year 1990-2021

31. 1991 - JFK

Lord of the Rings
Warner Bros.

Actually won: The Silence of the Lambs.

This will be a controversial one given The Silence of the Lambs' reputation as one of cinema's finest psychological thrillers, but the truth is the Best Picture trophy should really have gone to Oliver Stone's towering ensemble drama JFK.

Whilst Silence of the Lambs was more than deserving of its acting victories, and it remains a thriller with few equals, Stone's portrayal of national unrest, politics and conspiracy theories is the director's finest hour, as well as one that, despite its inaccuracies, managed to capture an entire era of feeling into one drama.

The way JFK juggles its expansive cast with quick-fire edits and searing social commentary is utterly flawless, and should have secured it a major win.


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